Hand Sanitizer Spray 70% - 60ML - Blank

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  • Made in Canada
  • 70% Propanol (Isopropyl alcohol)
  • Ship to Canada only
  • Valid NPN from Health Canada


A must have for cold to stop the spread of illness causing germs. Great bulk hand sanitizer pack for parents and teachers.

  • Pure natural ingredients are gentle enough for children’s sensitive skin, while still killing germs.
  • Great to use at home or in your classroom where cold germs lurk.
  • Pure natural ingredients deeply nourish skin.
  • Free from the harshest synthetic chemicals used on other brands that irritate sensitive skin.

Using hand sanitizer reduces microbial counts and kills many harmful germs that could infect workers or any family members with the flu and other viruses. In order to keep the workplace and home a healthy and thriving environment, grab this item now!

Keeping a bottle handy in your home, office, car and bag is a great preventative measure during cold season.

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