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Acrylic Light Box

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Introducing the Acrylic Light Box, an ideal choice for professionals and amateurs. With the perfect combination of quality and portability, the Acrylic Light Box is an excellent addition to any photography class, art class, or home studio. Whether you’re trying to capture high-quality images in a controlled environment or investing time into your artistry through various light experiments, this Light Box will give you flexibility and precision with each project you take on.

Your projects have never looked better! The two diffuser panels give you 13 levels of light intensity so that you can achieve the exact lighting look that you desire. The adjustable height allows you to find the angle of your choosing while still maintaining structural integrity due to its durable acrylic framework. Worry not about wandering eyes either; with four doors and side panels that are removable from all angles, it ensures complete privacy when working on your craft.

The Acrylic Light Box is also incredibly portable due to its lightweight frame—so you don’t have to lug around a bulky box full of heavy items when moving from place to place. And did we mention that it comes fully assembled? No more struggling for hours over confusing instruction manuals; simply take it out of the package and get started!

Make common projects extraordinary with the Acrylic Light Box today!

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Weight 1.43 lbs
Dimensions 5.91 × 3.94 × 1.5 in




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