Yorkn Inc incorporated in 2012. The business has quickly grown to an Office located in Ajax Ontario Canada, Dallas USA as well as China.
In that very short period Yorkn became known as a leader in the promotional products industry—offering thousands of items to distributors across Canada and the United States accompanied by excellent customer services.
As a proud member and supplier of SAGE, ASI, PPPC and DC Yorkn sell only to Promotional Product Distributors.
The mission is to help create long-lasting relationships with your clients through the very best products and services at competitive prices.
At Yorkn, customer's needs always comes first. That means even if the company doesn't have a specific item displayed on webpages, they go above and beyond to find the requested item at the their best value!
We also offer convenient marketing tools such as flyers and catalogs for distributors to show clients. 
Because of this we have been rewarded with a large customer base that enjoy working with “A Company You Can Depend On”. This slogan has now become the Yokrn mission statement and strived to keep this slogan as the most important part of work ethic.
The dear Yorkn customers know they can trust the company, and in return- the company know that toward there valued customers and will gladly assist them to solve their problems, while always offering the best possible price. Morover, as the customers are spread out across a wide range of industries, the company  made it to their mission to reach out and help each one find the perfect parts for their project, service, or product.
Are you ready to find out-of-the-box ideas for your clients? Work with us at Yorkn. To find the perfect promotional items and productss for you to ‘WOW’ your customers.
History In Dates

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1 Jan, 2021
Established in USA


12 Feb, 2012
Established In Canada