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Calentador de taza de café

*Keep your coffee, tea or other hot beverage warm up.
*Powered by any devices.
*Made of high quality walnut wood and metal materials, heating evenly, safe and durable to use.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Yorkn Inc

Yorkn Inc first launched at Toronto, Canada in 2012. The business has quickly expanded to Dallas USA and China.

As a proud member and promotional products supplier of SAGE, ASI, PPPC, PPAI and DC, we continue to add various of promotional products everyday so you don't need to look for elsewhere.

Is It Really Free Shipping?

Yes. Our price includes freight to anywhere in the worldwide (including USA, Canada) for overseas orders

How Soon Can You Deliver?

Yorkn Inc, the company always makes sure that we deliver on time, there are two ways on how we deliver first is by air which is mostly around 4 weeks depending on the promotional product you ordered, and by boat which is much cheaper but will add you 5 - 6 weeks. For urgent orders, please contact your sales rep to confirm the feasibility

Are you a SAGE, ASI, PPPC, PPAI, etc member?

Yes. We are a proud member and supplier of SAGE, ASI, PPPC, PPAI and DC.

Why should I Use Yorkn Inc?

A. Over 10 years of product sourcing in promotional product industry.
B. Direct purchase from the original factories, not through agencies.
C. Experienced logistic teams take care of all shipping issue.
D. We stand by our products and service.

Do You Source From Overseas?

Yes, we source everyday. Most of our products are directly from our factories in china, we offer high quality made to order items with competitive prices.

What Is Your Return Policy?

Returns and cancellations must be submitted in writing via fax or email, within 30 days of receipt of goods.

If returning goods, a Return Authorization Number will be issued. Returns will not be accepted without a Return Authorization Number.If an order is cancelled prior to production, there will be a $50.00(Z) cancellation fee. If production has begun, you will be billed for all costs incurred plus the $50.00(Z) cancellation fee.

Yorkn Inc reserves the right to deny returns based on proof approvals.

Where are you located?

We have 3 locations: Toronto, Dallas and China.
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